Assad Responds to Clerics Demands

Assad Responds to Clerics Demands

That was over two weeks ago and doesn’t matter any more, if it ever did to begin with. None of the ‘concessions’ made so far do, religious or otherwise, and neither will any new ones. The only thing that matters is stopping the killing of unarmed people by the security apparatus, and what happened yesterday seems to be a point of no return. Over 80 people were killed in what has been the bloodiest day since things started last month, bringing the total number of deaths to more than 300 and probably hundreds more wounded. Despite all what has been going on in the public sphere, I’m sure that the religious establishment has privately urged for this terror to end one way or the other. Clearly it had no effect so far, and after yesterday it doesn’t look like this will change. I don’t know if there even is anyone to be urged or demanded things from. The question is, how will the religious establishment respond to that?

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