Shaykh Yaqoubi’s Appearances in July & August

RTÉ Radio (Ireland)
English, 9 mins., 21/08/2011…h?v=XOOeltPqTBg

Al-Jazeera English
English, 3 mins., 14/08/2011…h?v=ScTv6151aCI

BBC World
English, 3 mins., 12/08/2011…h?v=xSCLhdf-QLg

Barada TV Panorama
Arabic, 72 mins., 11/08/2011…h?v=zS9LPNU76IQ

Barada TV Panorama
Arabic, 120 mins., 06/08/2011…h?v=25FTg2Vj-V4

Al Jazeera Mubashar
Arabic, 22 mins., 19/07/2011…h?v=Pemy6s3rSbc

Al Jazeera English
English, 4 mins., 16/07/2011…h?v=CH0Irzb_l6M

Istanbul Conference of `Ulema
Arabic (translated), 12 mins., 12/07/2011…h?v=kBfpXL0gIzM

Al Jazeera
Arabic (translated), 5 mins., 12/07/2011…h?v=NVaR4y_DheU

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