The Killing of Sariya Hassoun, the son of the Mufti of Syria

Sariya Hassoun, the son of the Mufti of Syria, was shot and killed alongside his professor in Halab a few days ago. The government blames armed terrorists for this crime, but no such group has claimed responsibility [or existence to begin with]. This may be part of a series of assassinations of academics, at least that is how government media is portraying it. It’s unclear what’s going on, and it certainly could have been a terrorist attack, but any support for the government associated with these victims does not clear this government itself of suspicion. Whatever the case may be, it reminds of the killings that took place in the early eighties.

“My brothers who were misguided and carried arms, you should have assassinated me because some clerics issued such fatwas. Why did you kill a young man who did nothing and harmed no one,” Hassoun, holding back his tears, said in a sermon aired on Syrian TV stations.”…1dff43a5a9f786d

[See:…h?v=SVF1J9ewtcY ]

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