The Red Cross and Crescent denied access to Baba `Amr

The Red Cross & Crescent are still being denied access to Baba `Amr, and the worst is feared for the civilians that remained behind. The only ones with access are Syrian and Iranian TV and they have been showing footage of interviews with alleged residents who support the regime and blame all the destruction and killing on the FSA, completely in denial of the reality of what happened and what was showing all around them. Who these people exactly are is unclear, activists say that they saw them being bussed in. Wherever they are from, this may very well be their home now. Since at least 95% of the population no longer lives there, there are plenty of vacancies for residents. This could all come under the banner of reform. In the meantime, the regime has moved to shelling the bordering Jobar neighbourhood, where most of the FSA has likely withdrawn into, as well as several other places throughout the country, most intensively the city of Rastan.

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