Nahda’s Misleading Sectarian Video

This edition of Nahda Productions doesn’t do justice to the original compilation and the importance of exposing its content to the world. These and many other clips give an unprecedented insight into the imperial cult that has been secretly thriving in Syria for the past decades. They have done a great job in translating these clips, but the spin they put on it is neither factual, nor just, nor what the original compilers intended. This spin is nothing more than blind, hateful sectarianism, which is very damaging to this revolution and Syria as a whole. It is the opposite of what the Syrian people need and ask for, and in contradiction to their tradition and culture, not to mention our religion in general. The consequence of such a mentality becoming widespread in Syria is civil war, and if it will ever come to dominate the next government, another revolution could be expected sooner or later. The Syrian regime is well aware of this, and considering that its only way to survive is through war and chaos, this sectarianism is their policy, it has been from the very beginning and only increased more and more.

It is mentioned in the video that Nahda Productions merely translated this compilation, but the title “Shirk of the Syrian Alawi religion/regime” differs from the title of the original compilation below which is “Horns of the Syrian Regime, Encroachment on the Divine.” The first part of the video as quoted below cannot be found either.

Translation: A compendium of shocking clips exposing the blatant shirk of the Alawi religion. This is the non-Islamic cult whose Assad family was given patronage and leadership of Syria by the west under the Eisenhower presidency and thereafter. Through the personality-cult built around the Assad family, the Muslims of Syria have been denied self rule.
This clearly shows that the sectarian spin is not part of the original compilation, which is not intended to expose any religion. Instead, its aim is to expose an imperial cult. These are two very different things. Furthermore, the main claim that is being made is false: the compilation does not expose “the shirk of the Alawi religion” because none of what it contains can be ascribed to `Alawism. This claim is based on the incorrect notion that a religion is defined by the practices of those associated with it. The mistake in this is threefold. First, a religion is defined by its teachings, and it’s obvious that `Alawism or Nusayrism, whether Syrian, Lebanese or Turkish, does not teach the divinity and worship of any members of the Assad family or the Ba`ath party. Secondly, if these people are from an `Alawi background, that does not mean that their creed is `Alawi as well. A religious background in modern countries, including Syria, may be cultural, ethnic or even merely inherited; sometimes this is even more often the case than being an actual religion that is confessed and adhered to. Some of the `Alawi clerics have in fact denounced the regime instead of worshipping it.
Thirdly, the association that is actually being made between these people and `Alawism is based on circular logic: the only reason these people are considered `Alawi is because of what they say, and what they say is only considered to be part of `Alawism because it is assumed that the person saying it is `Alawi. No actual proof that any of them are from an `Alawi background is being provided, which can be expected since the original compilation is not intended to expose `Alawism to begin with. In fact, mr. “We will push Allah … into a corner” from 1.10 is the infamous Ahmad Shalish, a tribal leader from Deir al-Zor [in the east, near Iraq]. This area is dominated by Sunni tribes, `Alawi tribes on the other hand can be found in the coastal region [in the west, near Latakia]. He [and his tribe] didn’t move from one place to the other, as far as his accent tells. The accent of the guy on the street who claims Syrians worship Assad before they worship Allah sounds nothing like theirs either.

The reality is that this “encroachment on the divine” inside the Syrian regime and amongst its supporters is not exclusive to any particular religious background. This is only natural when the regime and its supporters are not from a single religious background to begin with. Moreover, those of them who worship the Assad family or the Ba`ath party have formed their own religion, regardless of what their background may be. That is what the original compilation intends to expose, as it should for it is the ideology behind intentional and indiscriminate massacre of thousands of innocent people in Syria.

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