The Houla Massacre

On Friday the 25th of May, the villages of Houla (Homs) were attacked by the regime’s artillery and tanks. As they moved in, accompanied by Shabbiha, they went door to door and executed anyone they could find. According to the UN monitors 108 people were killed, among them 49 children, including toddlers and babies. The regime claims it has nothing to do with the massacre and blames al-Qaeda for it. Eye witnesses tell a different story:

11 year old Ali Alsayed, survivor, tells his story:

Channel 4 reports from Houla:

The little boy, may Allah relieve him from this unspeakable suffering, mentions that bearded skinheads were involved in the massacre of his family. These are the typical Shabbiha such as the ones shown here. The brother in the channel 4 report speaks of a different kind: men in black with labayka ya `Ali written on their foreheads, coming from surrounding `Alawi villages. By letting such “Shi`i” extremists commit this sickening massacre and blaming “Sunni” extremists for it at the same time, the regime is seeking to incite an all out civil war between populations, so that it may survive amidst the chaos.

Satellite image clues to Houla massacre in Syria…e-east-18274542

Sattelite Images from Houla

I saw massacre of children, says defecting Syrian air force officer….-syrian-officer

A senior Syrian military officer has described how he defected to opposition forces after witnessing hundreds of pro-regime militiamen carry out the now infamous massacre of more than 100 civilians in the town of Houla one week ago. … “A lot of them were bald and many had beards,” he said. “Many wore white sports shoes and army pants. They were shouting: ‘Shabiha forever, for your eyes, Assad.’ It was very obvious who they were. “We used to be told that armed groups killed people and the Free Syria Army burned down houses,” he said. “They lied to us. Now I saw what they did with my own eyes.”

The regime acknowledged the deaths of nine women and children, but denied all responsibility and blamed the usual suspects very early on, even before anyone was able to verify all the reports coming in. The UN monitors tried to access the area but were prevented by the regime and some of its “residents.” One survivor said that aside of the 78 dead, they also took the bodies of 35 others and that he and four women are the sole remaining residents, and that he feared they would come back to get the remaining bodies. All of this is reminiscent of the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia in the 90’s, and some speculate that an area of dominant and continuous `Alawite inhabitation is being created in preparation of a state in which the regime can survive once it collapses in the rest of the country. This might seem far-fetched at this point, but time will tell.

UN Monitors arriving in Houla (May 27th):

Compare the undeniable reality of the previously mentioned facts with what the Syrian media reports about the massacre:

Witnesses to al-Houla Massacre: Massacres Were Carried Out Against Specific Families That Support the Government…6/02/422915.htm

Assad denies role in Houla massacre…/#ixzz1wjrI9Y9K

Syrian President Bashar Assad denied Sunday that his government had anything to do with last week’s gruesome Houla massacre, saying not even “monsters” would carry out such an ugly crime. … “If we don’t feel the pain that squeezes our hearts, as I felt it, for the cruel scenes — especially the children — then we are not human beings,” Assad said. … “Not even monsters would carry out (the crimes) that we have seen, especially the Houla massacre. … There are no Arabic or even human words to describe it,” he said.

So he is ‘genuinely’ disgusted, yet refuses to take any responsibility or acknowledge that the worse-than-monsters are his own worshippers in the army and the Shabbiha, and instead blames the usual suspects from his fantasy with the rest of the speech being the same old nonsense that his PR lady-friends have been formulating for him for the past year. It may not mean that he ordered the massacre, but it also doesn’t mean these worse-than-monsters are going to be stopped, let alone brought to justice. In other words, nothing will change as far as he’s concerned. And this is merely about the massacre as such, not at all the shelling and complete destruction of cities by the army, or any other of the many horrible things that have been happening in Syria for the past year.

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