Barbaric Bombardment of Homs

The barbaric bombardment of Homs is still ongoing, this is how it looks like on the streets:

Nearly every neighbourhood in Homs has been under heavy bombardments by tanks, mortars and helicopter gunships for the past week, in what increasingly looks like an attempt to drive all the inhabitants of non-`Alawite neighbourhoods out of the city, as has happened in Baba `Amr. This includes Homs’ large Christian minority, whose main Hamadiyye neighbourhood has already been ethnically cleansed of its population of 40.000 people by ‘the terrorists’ according to the regime’s supporters. In reality, it is the bombing of their homes and churches that causes people to flee like in any other place. The following shows the bombing of a Catholic church in al-Khalidiyya, the neighbourhood that suffered most after Baba `Amr.

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