Massacres in Kafar Zeita (Hama) and Haffe (Latakia)

The previous reports were about al-Qubayr, a very small village which has been entirely wiped out. There are also reports of a similar number of people having been killed in the nearby village of Kafar Zeita. Like in Houla, half of dead were women and children. Then there is a another town which has reportedly been attacked with also dozens killed, which is Haffe in Latakia. Like in Houla, first the army shells the area and then Shabbiha recruited from neighbouring villages enter and murder anyone they can find. The difference is that this time it is three-fold and reportedly hasn’t stopped but at least in Hama it has expanded to other villages in the area.

UN observers find ‘ghost town’ in Syria…h?v=kgBWE46brr8

The road to Haffa, once a town of 24,000 people and popular with tourists, is now empty with most of the people gone. Left are burnt-out cars, bombed buildings, and according to the United Nations observers, a stench of dead bodies. The UN had been trying to get into Haffa for a week, amid fears of a brutal assault by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. What observers found was evidence of a recent battle, and a strong Syrian army presence.

This was a largely Sunni town in the `Alawite heartland of Latakia, not only did a horrific massacre take place here but the area has now been ethnically cleansed.

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