Violent Oppression in Salaheddin

A lot has happened in Salaheddin during the past two weeks. Demonstrations have taken place nearly every day and have grown to number many thousands. The regime has been shooting at peaceful protesters and even their funerals, but despite the many killed, wounded and arrested, the regime hasn’t been able to control the area.

(07.02.2012) Demonstrations Yesterday:

(06.30.2012) Shabbiha shoot & bomb protesters

(06.29.2012) Tens of thousands on Friday:

(06.29.2012) Armoured police vehicle and Shabbiha:

(06.29.2012) Shabbiha shoot at the person filming

(06.29.2012)Shabbiha shoot at protesters

(06.29.2012) Protesters regather after being dispersed with live fire

(06.29.2012) Shabbiha shoot & bomb protesters

(06.29.2012) Wounded demonstrators

A martyr (Graphic):

(06.26.2012) A large evening demonstration

(06.26.2012) The people want … the declaration of Jihad

(06.25.2012) Huge crowds

(06.24.2012) Shabbiha shoot mourners at a funeral(including many women)

(06.23.2012) A large evening demonstration

(06.22.2012) Shabbiha bombing & shooting people

(06.22.2012) Shabbiha caught in the act

(06.22.2012) Shooting protestors

(06.22.2012) Demonstrations

And so on … these have been merely some of the videos from the 25 pages of results on Youtube for this neighbourhood over the past two weeks. Amongst them are gruesomely graphic videos which everyone can imagine, considering the many people that have been killed in all this savage regime violence. This is also merely one neighbourhood in Halab, there are many others like it which can easily be explored. And this is also merely Halab city, for the countryside that surrounds it is a war zone, second only to the ethnically cleansed and completely destroyed cities of Homs, Douma and Haffe. Indeed, this is what the calmest city in Syria looks like today.

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