Another Massacre in Trimseh, Hama

As if an average of 70+ deaths a day throughout the country and the destruction of entire cities aren’t enough, yet another massacre has been committed: this time in Trimseh, a village near Hama.

Syrian activists report new massacre. Activists say government forces killed more than 200 people in shelling and other attacks on Traimseh village in Hama.

Assad forces and militia ‘kill 220 Syrians in worst atrocity’

Hama Massacre: Syria Forces Reportedly Kill Over 100

An activist from Hama described the massacre in Tremseh, Hama suburb, where at least 220 people killed, as he said. “Around 6:00 AM of Thursday morning, Assad forces surrounded the village with heavy weaponry and tanks, more than 800 soldiers of Assad forces were in the mission, after couple of hours, they started arbitrary artillery shelling on the village. people fled their home to seek shelters in school and the mosque. Assad forces shelled the school and the mosque causing collapses in the building which result in tens of deaths. Shabeeha from the surrounded villages came to support Assad forces and to kill more of the village people, which escalate the number of victims in this massacre.

– http://blogs.aljazee…cribes-massacre

Ahmed, an activist from the Union of Hama Revolutionaries said: “We have reports of more than 220 killed. So far, we have 20 victims recorded with names and 60 bodies at a mosque. There are more bodies in the fields, bodies in the rivers and in houses … people were trying to flee from the time the shelling started and whole families were killed trying to escape.” “We’re hearing from activists that it started at 5am this morning, when the village was surrounded by government forces and pro-government militias,” said Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin, reporting from Beirut. “Bodies were found of people killed by knives, and some bodies burnt,” our correspondent said. “But exactly what happened is still not very clear.” “The activists are telling us this is a village surrounded by pro-goverment villages in the countryside of Hama.

Exclusive: An eyewitness to the Treimsa massacre

From an article by Nadine Elali on the same site:

My speculation is that it seems like Assad is quite sure that Russia will continue to rebuff calls for sanctions and hinder any binding resolution against Damascus. Therefore, these massacres aim at stirring sectarian strife within the Syrian community, mainly between the Sunni and Alaawite community, potentially leading the country into a civil war. In that manner, Assad can situate himself as the leader of the Allawite sect, a war lord, and would be the party to negotiate with on the future of the new Syria and his role in it, as opposed to being the leader that will be overthrown. We’ve seen it happen in Lebanon, during his father’s time, it’s not all that uncommon.

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