Escalations in Salaheddin

Things have been escalating in Salaheddin. Large demonstrations have been taken place daily, day and night, and there has been more fighting between the FSA, who are growing, and regime forces. They have sent in armoured vehicles, though this is not a first in the neighbourhood. The brothers resisting the aggression are clearly not defected soldiers, but neighbourhood youth [and now some middle aged men too] who got their hands on some weapons. Some videos of what’s been happening, all from yesterday (13-7-2012).

Armoured vehicles ready to shoot…h?v=QXeugykSpNY

Fighting with the Shabbiha 1…h?v=EbCFOu11LRI

Fighting with the Shabbiha 2…h?v=qcAe8x7kYPw

Fighting with the Shabbiha 3…h?v=buk82qu2MjU

Protecting the Protesters…h?v=uNn2QjiG95U

Meet the FSA 1…h?v=uxtatt4GKrE

Meet the FSA 2…h?v=DqpLlCFRfdE

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