Car Bomb Left Outside Mosque In Damascus Disarmed By FSA


After the end of large protest held following Friday Prayer, Assad’s gangs entered the Jobar neighborhood and spread around the mosques. When they arrived at the Grand Jobar Mosque, they left a car (Saba brand) near the north gate of the mosque and then left the neighborhood. One of the residents noticed this car and notified members of the FSA, who came to to the scene and searched the car and found a large bomb in the trunk with wireless detonators. They defused it and removed the bomb from the neighborhood.

One thought on “Car Bomb Left Outside Mosque In Damascus Disarmed By FSA

  1. Clikinn

    No idea what the small green boxes are, although they could be electrical firing switches or adapted radio receivers. The LEDs and cable ports suggest to me that the box is a military electrical firing switch normally used for demolition charges or battle simulation charges.

    Just a note about terminology; a detonator (or blasting cap) is a small explosive charge used to initiate an explosive train (detonator—>booster charge—->main charge). A firing switch is the method by which the IED is initiated. There are three types of firing switch and they are ‘command’ (command wire, radio-control, suicide), victim operated and timed (chemical, mechanical, etc…).


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