“Assad or we will burn Damascus”

Probably started prematurely as it was provoked by the regime, the war reached a new phase with the implementation of the FSA’s “Damascus volcano and earthquakes of Syria” operation. More declarations are confirming this and on the ground the FSA seems to be on the offensive throughout the country, amazingly enough striking pretty major blows to regime forces. Most of the fighting has been inside Damascus and has been spreading to about a dozen neighbourhoods, including down town and even within a couple of miles from the presidential palace. Assad can’t handle it and has been using helicopters to shell some of these areas, and now they are using tanks to storm them. The FSA brought down a chopper in Qabun and destroyed several tanks in Midan, which are the areas that have been worst off. It seems the regime’s strategy for Damascus is no different than for the other cities, “Assad or we will burn the country” applies everywhere.

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