Blast in the NSHQ in Damascus

Crazy! Dep. Def. Min. Assef Shawkat (Bushra’s husband), Def. Min. Daoud Rajiha, Int. Min. Ibrahim al-Shaar, Gen. Hasan Turkmani, all of them have been killed by a blast in the National Security building (close to the presidential palace) where they were meeting. Head of National Security Hisham Bekhtyar is wounded [and there are rumours about Hafez Makhlouf, Nassif Kheirbek and Rustum Ghazaleh]. What happened exactly isn’t clear, but this is a massive and unreal hit blow the regime. There have also been explosions close to Maher’s 4th Division HQ.

Syria blast strikes at heart of Assad’s rule

There are rumours that Bashar himself was wounded and headed to Latakia, which seems to be wishful thinking again; considering everything that has already happened, anything is possible though.

[Edit: it’s no longer a rumour, but a claim:]

A Presidential plane took off from Damascus airport heading to Lattakia: activist [Ammar] al-Qurabi…640460213960704

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