Who is responsible for the blast?

Yesterday’s blast has been claimed by two groups. The first is Liwa’ al-Islam, which seems to be a small, recently established Salafist group. They released a statement in which they claimed responsibility for what they described as an explosive device being planted in the conference room and detonated by remote during the meeting. The second is the FSA, but the details are unclear. What is certain is that there was an explosive device in the conference room, and there are reports of a fire fight involving a bodyguard who is said to have returned safely to the FSA.

This means that, whoever is behind it and unlike what has been claimed on some of the news channels, it was neither a suicide bombing nor a terrorist attack. The regime is claiming it was both, but have provided no evidence for this whatsoever: no images of such a bombing or its aftermath, no witnesses of anything and no details of any casualties other than those participating in the meeting. Some may nevertheless have picked up on this claim as it corresponds with their prejudiced instincts, even if it comes from the most obvious and unreliable source.

As for who is responsible for the blast, this was clearly an extremely well prepared operation which involved much planning, coordination and leading roles people from the inside. This is not something a single group independent of the FSA is capable of, nor the kind of operation that some of those groups are typically known for. It is already incredible that the FSA could pull this off, even though they have clearly proven themselves with this offensive.

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