Aleppo prepares for an imminent onslaught by the regime

After being held up on their way to Aleppo by the FSA, Assad’s reinforcements from Idlib have arrived and are preparing to storm the city. More reinforcements have been coming in from Hama and the Aleppo countryside. Reports are speaking of some 10.000 soldiers and 100 tanks. In the meantime bombardments and shelling by jets and choppers have continued as the regime loses more and more territory in the fight on the ground. Despite of this, people came out to demonstrate in huge numbers in several neighbourhoods. Assad’s reinforcements appear to be situated west of the city, connecting to the Assad park and the military academy. So it can be expected that the clashes will be in al-Hamdaniyya first, as they plan to move into al-Ard and Salaheddin, then Sayf al-Dawla and al-Mashhad, then al-Firdous and Bustan al-Qasr and on to the Citadel. The large number of advancing troops would be supported by tanks and from the air, so it is very hard to imagine how the resistance has any chance of halting the advance. They number no more than a few thousands and have light weapons with limited ammunition. At most the advance could be delayed through heavy clashes that will destroy the areas they take place in. The resistance seems to be anticipating this and has announced hit and run tactics, flowing like “water” through the advancing regime forces. They are also engaging these forces pre-emptively, and have apparently connected the west to the east in order to be able to resupply. As for the people, many have fled the areas in question while some have remained behind. Everyone is fearing a massacre will take place any moment now. May Allah protect the people.

Onslaught looms as Assad forces pound Aleppo rebels

Syrian forces renew Aleppo assault

Syrian opposition braces for ‘mother of all battles’ in Aleppo

Syrian troops gather near Aleppo for decisive battle with rebels

Helicopter gunships strafe Syria’s Aleppo, rights group says

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