Shaykh Suhayb al-Shami reportedly left Syria in protest of the bombardment of Aleppo

Though it hasn’t been confirmed on the Shaykh’s website or through other reliable sources, two Assadist [!] websites [ &] have reported that the former Mufti of Halab left for Egypt in protest of the bombardment of the city, joining his brother Anas al-Shami who is a parliamentarian and left for Egypt after he apparently defected last week.

In another article [] it is said that he may have left because of death threats received [supposedly by the opposition] or to go on a business trip. A few days ago his other brother Shaykh `Abd al-Latif al-Shami was abducted from his Mosque in Sayf al-Dawla and murdered. The regime has blamed the FSA for this, but offered no evidence other than the presence of motive due to his support for the regime and his family’s long standing relationship with it.

Their father, Shaykh Muhammad al-Shami, was murdered during the unprising in the 80’s and this has always been blamed on terrorist offshoots from the Muslim Brotherhood if not the Brotherhood itself. What really happened then and now is not clear, but this regime has been and continues to be capable of murdering its own allies if they are more valuable to it dead than they are alive.

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