The murder of Shaykh Ahmad Saleh al-Hamad & Shaykh `Abd al-`Aziz Hamwiyya

Shaykh Ahmad Saleh al-Hamad was murdered yesterday in his Mosque, Jami` `Abdullah Ibn al-Zubayr, in Tadamon, Damascus city. The Mosque was reportedly stormed by Shabbiha who killed and mutilated the Imam, his son and several other worshippers with knives. Shaykh Ihsan Ba`drani of Hama has more information on his FB page [containing graphic images]:

His most recent video  [there are many videos of his online], a message to the merchants in Aleppo and Damascus

Two weeks ago another Shaykh was murdered by the Assad regime, Shaykh `Abd al-`Aziz Hamwiyya of Midan, Damascus.

This is what they did to his Mosque:

For more information see the FB page by one of his students:

Condolences from Shaykh `Abd al-Hadi Kharsa:

There have been several videos showing how Imams were abused and taken away, as well as the attack on Shaykh Usama Rifa`i and his Mosque. I recall Shaykh al-Ya`qoubi mentioning in one of his videos [I can’t seem to find back this exact video and quote yet either, will add this when I do] that nearly 100 scholars have been murdered by this regime for the past year.

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