Assad’s War on Mosques

This is a first draft to list and document by video the war Assad has been waging on the Mosques of Syria and its worshippers.  The list is largely compiled from videos that were collected by musafeer, who did an excellent job at:

The intention is to continue updating, expanding and refining this list. Not included yet are the videos of the attack on Shaykh Usama al-Rifa`i and his Mosque, which can be found in posts under the category “The Rifa`i Shaykhs”.

The List:

2011, July 21
Bab al-Sba`, Homs
Shelling of a Mosque and its minaret

2011, August 10
Deir al-Zor
Shelling the Othman bin Affan Mosque, the minaret collapses

2011, September 10
Damage from shelling of Sa`d bin Muadh Mosque

2011, November 24 [uploaded, exact date unknown]
Location unknown
Army desecrates Mosque and mocks religion

2012, January 31
Kharm al-Zaytoun, Homs
Riyad al-Salihin Mosque attacked by the army

2012, January 31
Shooting at al-Rifa`i Mosque

2012. February 3
Homs, Talbishe
Shooting at the Sa`d bin Abi Waqqas Mosque

2012, February 5
Rastan, Homs
Destruction inside a Mosque

2012, February 23
Baba `Amr, Homs
Destruction in al-Anwar Mosque

2012, February 23
Baba `Amr, Homs
Bombing the minaret of al-Samman Mosque

2012, February 24
Baba `Amr, Homs
Destruction in al-Jilani Mosque

2012, February 25
Hilfaya, Hama
Mosque damaged from artillery shelling

2012, February 27
Baba `Amr, Homs
Al-Jouri Mosqued bombed

2012, March 9
Bab al-Dreeb, Homs
Al-Hanblah Mosque and its minaret shelled

2012, March 6
Hraak, Dar`a
Damage from shelling to al-Omari Mosque

2012, March 14
Jab al-Jandali, Homs
Damaged minaret of Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz Mosque from shelling

2012, March 15
Worshippers attacked and shot at as the Great Ummawi Mosque is stormed

2012, March 16
Mosque attacked by troops

2012, March 24
Bab Houd, Homs
Damage from shelling of al-Qassme Mosque

2012, March 28
Bab Sba`, Homs
Massive Destruction of Sa`ad bin Abi Waqqas Mosque

2012, March 28
Da’el, Dar`a
Shelling of a Mosque

2012, March 31
Rastan, Homs
Damage to the Ahmadi Mosque because of shelling

2012, March 31
Rastan, Homs
Shelling of the Al-Mahmoud Mosque

2012, April 3
Burning of Dar Essalam Mosque

2012, April 6
Houla, Homs
Farouq Mosque bombed during Friday Prayers

2012, April 11
Qusayr, Homs
Damage from shelling al-Rahman Mosque

2012, April 15
Bombing the Khalid Ibn al-Walid Mosque,
along with other Mosques and the rest of the city.

2012, April 16
Khalidiyye, Homs
Bombing of Mosque

2012, April 17
Bayada, Homs
Shelling of Al-Hidaya Mosque

2012, May 30
Hamidiya, Homs
Burning bombed Shaykh `Umar Mosque

2012, June 3
Damage from the shelling of Jamaluddin Mosque

2012, June 6
Mezze, Damascus
Worshippers attacked at the Akram Mosque

2012, June 16
Talbiseh, Homs
Shelling of al-Mustafa Mosque

2012, June 17
Houla, Hama
Burning of the Houla Mosque

2012, June 21
Harasta, Damascus
Bombing of the Shukr Mosque

2012, June 24
Khalidiyye, Homs
Destruction from the shelling of the Anas bin Malik Mosque

2012, July 2
Talbiseh, Homs
Bombing of the minaret of the Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Mosque

2012, July 22
Midan, Damascus
Shelling and massive artillery on al-Thuriya Mosque

2012, July 28
Houla, Hama
Damage from shelling of al-Shuhada Mosque

2012, July 28
Salaheddin, Aleppo
Damage from shelling of Hamza Mosque

2012, July 9
Talbiseh, Homs
Damage from shelling of the Sa`d bin Abi Waqqas Mosque

2012, July 30
Minnigh, Aleppo
Destruction of Mosque and minaret

2012, July 31
Rastan, Homs
Damage from shelling of Mosque

2012, July 31
Destruction & desecration of Dorin Mosque

2012, August 3
Salaheddin, Aleppo
Damage from shelling of Salaheddin Mosque

2012, August 4
Sayf al-Dawleh, Aleppo
Damage from shelling of Amneh Mosque

2012, August 8
Salaheddin, Aleppo
Shelling of Sa`d Ibn Abi Waqqas Mosque

2012, August 8
Kallaseh, Aleppo
Damage from bombardment of al-Musalla Mosque

2012, August 8
`Irbin, Aleppo
Damage from shelling of al-Fath Mosque

2012, September 3
Sa`d al-Ansari, Aleppo
Minaret of al-Rashid Mosque collapses upon shelling.

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