Round 2 in the Battle for Salaheddin and Aleppo

Destruction from bombardments on Salaheddin:

[The FSA defending the entrance into Salaheddin from Hamdaniyye]

Salaheddin al-Ayyubi reportedly said that Aleppo was “the key to the lands” and that “this city is the eye of Syria and the citadel is its pupil.” While there is a great battle for the citadel currently going on, the gate to the city is at Salaheddin which up to this moment remains free … though barely alive. After savagely bombarding and shelling it for three weeks, and unsuccessfully trying to enter it for the past week, Assad is now threatening it with 20.000 soldiers and hundreds of tanks, among them elite units so it is said. Their biggest offensive so far, in the battle which, like Saddam Hussain at one point, they call “the mother of all battles,” is imminent. There is a humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, the city is a disaster zone, people are homeless, starving and now even worse is expected to happen if this could be even imagined after all the barbarism of the past weeks.

-Aleppo: city overrun by death is told the worst is yet to come
-Syria conflict: Troops ‘mass for Aleppo assault’
-Aleppo rebels wait anxiously for Bashar al-Assad’s elite to attack

But there is still hope. They have tried to enter Salaheddin for a week now, and failed. They called in reinforcements for their reinforcements of last week. They suffered on the way over, being under attack from wherever they left and came through. With the exception of the fanatic extremists, they have no moral whatsoever and the risk of defections is high; the confrontation could make half of their forces collapse. Even their elites and other maniacs are weak, for they are hungry and afraid. After all the bombardments, one pilot reportedly defected and began attacking the choppers. Choppers have done so before as well, elsewhere in the country. The FSA has been reinforced as well, with freedom fighters now coming from all over the country to Aleppo, united in large brigades. They remain outnumbered, outguned, without heavy weapons and much hunger, but their moral is high for their cause is just and their faith strong. There are generals in the city and there is coordination. The Kurds of Aleppo and liberated Syrian Kurdistan too are a force to be reckoned with, if they finally decide to join. Perhaps any of those outside Syria who have been standing on the sidelines, watching as if they were supporters at a sporting event, finally get some sense to do what’s nor only right, but best for everyone and finally step in before this “second round” starts. In the end, Allah alone is sufficient for us, He is the best Disposer of affairs.

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