Has Salaheddin fallen to the regime?

Yesterday [Wednesday] was the beginning of what is supposed to be the ultimate offensive by the regime, and like with the previous attempt it was immediately claimed that the neighbourhood had fallen. Like before, this was accompanied by a typical Syrian TV drama show:

Notice how those uniformed murderers are making their way through peoples’ homes, and how all the dead people they call “terrorists” are dressed in civilian clothes. Where are the living that remained behind, could their fate have been anything else than a massacre when this “army” is shooting at everything that moves? Notice the destruction caused by their bombardments and shelling. What is unbelievable is that they have no shame or restraint whatsoever in broadcasting this. Why should they even worry about it, when according to them Salaheddin was captured last week already and apparently they already reconstructed the entire area.

Not only the bombardments are reminiscent of  the 40’s, so is the propaganda. What actually happened was that the offensive apparently started; we can’t know for sure because it’s been starting for two weeks now. So they indeed tried to storm the neighbourhood and advanced into a few streets, about 15% of the area according to the FSA. They fended off the invaders through the heaviest clashes the city has seen so far. The losses were to great to bare so Assad retreated again by night.

ِAgain, look at the massive destruction, Mosques badly damaged and buildings falling apart:

How brainwashed and delusional one must be to be able to look away, to be able to ignore all this destruction, not to mention the immense suffering that the weakest of the innocents, the children and the elderly, have gone through as they were fleeing in terror while their houses were being bombarded. There are images of mothers running for their lives with babies in their arms, old women being carried on the backs of men as they are fleeing from the bombardments. And then there are the many who couldn’t escape and were wounded and killed, with their own homes collapsing on their heads. All the images and videos are out there for everyone to see, in case it is too hard to imagine what happens during such barbaric bombardments of residential areas with the destruction shown above as a result.

It does not matter if the targets were CIA or Mossad agents, al-Qa`ida terrorists sponsored by Saudi or Qatar, Turkish militias, random armed gangs, Martians or any other fantasy enemy. What matters is that a genocide is being committed against innocent people, not by any of the above, but by Assad’s jets, choppers, tanks and the rest of his army and Shabbiha. Once they manage to flatten everyone and everything in the area, the footsoldiers go in to finish off anyone who survives. Then the bulldozers go in to clean the rubble and plans can be drawn up for new malls and what not as if nothing ever happened. That’s what the battle for Salaheddin is about.

Now Lebanon and others report that the FSA has withdrawn from Salaheddin today …

“We have staged a tactical withdrawal from Salaheddin,” the commander, Hossam Abu Mohammad, told AFP by phone. “The district is completely empty of rebel fighters. Regime forces are now advancing into Salaheddin.”

The rebels are still in streets near the key neighborhood, said Abu Mohammad, who commands the Dara al-Shahbaa Brigade. “We are in the Saif al-Dawla and Mashhad districts” east of Salaheddin, he said.

He cited the violent bombardment by regime forces as the reason behind the FSA withdrawal.

Another FSA commander confirmed the pull-out.

“The FSA’s brigades have staged a tactical withdrawal from Salaheddin in order to open a new front in Saif al-Dawla and Mashhad,” said Wassel Ayub, who commands the Nur al-Haq Brigade.

“We had full control of the district last night, but then regime forces bombarded in an unprecedented way,” Ayub said. “The situation is terrible, and we have decided to stage a tactical withdrawal.”



A Syrian rebel commander vowed his fighters would battle on after their pullback from a key southwestern district of Aleppo as a rights group reported new shelling by the army Friday of rebel areas of the commercial capital.

Hossam Abu Mohammad said rebels were still fighting with troops in parts of Salaheddin district.

We will not let Salaheddin go,” Abu Mohammad told AFP by telephone.


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