Ezaz: Another Massacre, Another Escalation

It is difficult to define what constitutes a massacre in Syria considering that everything that happened for the past year and a half has been one big massacre. Tens of thousands have died from bombardments and shelling by fighter jets, helicopters, tanks, mortars and other heavy weapons, as well as from shootings, stabbings, burnings, executions and torture. The term therefore generally refers to when a larger number of civilians are targeted and killed at once in a single place. Only a few of these massacres have been mentioned here so far: Artooz, Yalda, al-Yarmouk, Sayyida Zaynab, al-Arba`in, Treimse, Qubair, Haffe, Kafar Zeita and Houla. Unfortunately there are many more which have not been mentioned.

Today, nearly 200 people were killed across the country. At least 30 of those were killed in Ezaz,  Aleppo province, as they were caught by surprise by a hammering bombardment by fighter jets. Two massive strikes flattened ten houses and everyone in them, mostly women and children; they had no chance to flee. This is the aftermath, the images are horrific:

Syria air strike pummels Aazaz, at least 31 people killed

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