Assad Resumes Bombardment of Damascus

After Assad stormed Midan a month ago, he advanced to reoccupy the initially liberated parts of Damascus, having bombarded and shelled them by tanks and helicopters first. Fighting still continued, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that massive bombardments resumed in several parts of the city and its suburbs. One of the worst hit areas has been Daraya, where nearly 70 people died from shelling in the past three days. In Assabina in the countryside, a helicopter shelled the Martyrs Mosque where women and children were seeking shelter, killing and wounding several of them. Yesterday Qadam, Tadamon, al-Asali, Naher Aisha, Kafr Souseh and Hajar Aswad were also bombarded, along with many people being arrested and summarily executed in several neighbourhoods (see the report from SNN). On Tuesday, a massacre of 70 people was reported in Moadamiye as the neighbourhood was raided.

This was Daraya last night:

This is one of the helicopters bombarding al-Qadam and Al-Asali yesterday:

This is what Assad is willing to do to the capital of the country he claims to rule.

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