“Syrian Arab Army has suddenly turned anti-Muslim and anti-Sunni”

The quote in the title is a sarcastic remark by one of the internet Assadists, and is part of a very unintelligent attempt to “expose” the FSA. It comes with a video that speaks for itself, and a story that only makes sense in the fantasy world of Assadistan.

The video first shows the mortar and artillery damage to the Rashid Mosque and the residential buildings around it in the Sa`d al-Ansari neighbourhood of Aleppo. This is followed by the moment the minaret is bombarded in such a way that it completely collapses. The video was originally posted on several well known activist channels from Aleppo.

It was then reposted by some Assadist channels, one called “Eretz Zen” and another called “Shabe7Syria”. What’s in a name, right? The story goes: the FSA is framing Assad, they blew up the minaret themselves and filmed it in order to show that the “Syrian Arab Army[1] has suddenly turned anti-Muslim and anti-Sunni.” That’s right, suddenly. As if this hasn’t happened already to dozens of other Mosques[2] during the past year and a half. As if several thousand Islamic scholars haven’t been harassed and arrested, including nearly a hundred killed and many more made refugees. As if there isn’t an imperial warrior cult right at the heart of this regime and its forces, which fanatically disbelieves in God and worships the Assad family and forces others to submit and proclaim that “there is no God but Bashar” or that “there is no God but Maher” or face ritual slaughter by knives, burning or being buried alive. These are things that stand out in the midst of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Sunni Muslims and the total destruction of their surroundings. But it doesn’t end there, this regime is not only anti-Muslim and anti-Sunni: it is anti-everything that is not part of it or simply stands in the way.

One of the “arguments” goes: the FSA was waiting for it to happen! This is concluded from nothing other than the fact that it was filmed. As if whoever filmed all those other Mosques that were bombarded in the past wasn’t there already as well. Moreover, the activist is there to film the damage that had already been done to the minaret of the Mosque, as well as to the surrounding residential buildings. It’s just that the job wasn’t finished yet; hardly anything gets hit just once which has been something very typical of these bombardments. Another “argument” goes: but he was shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is the Greatest) before it even happened! As if there is anything else more appropriate for a believing person to say when filming anything, anywhere in Syria, considering the condition of the things he is filming, and it is in every videos of such kind from start to finish. “Oh my God” is what one would say in English, a natural response upon seeing this kind of devastation. Finally, it’s claimed that even a three year old could tell that this was not a bombardment by Assad’s men but a detonated explosion by the FSA. What a three year old can see is that this Mosque is being bombed just like all others that have been bombed before, and that the minaret collapses just like other minarets collapsed. What do these people tell their children, how do they explain their bizarre conspiracy fantasies? What do they tell themselves? Do they really believe the FSA would try to frame the regime for something it has been doing all the time? Why would they sacrifice what they believe in and go against everything they stand for, only to achieve such a pointless objective? This is typical case of the guilty suspecting the innocent of horrible things only he himself could think of, would do, and has done many times before. The regime destroys everything because it values nothing. It ought to have been filed under the category Assad’s Propaganda (it might make it to Dunya TV) if only it were not such a blatant manifestation of this regime’s war on religion.

Jami` al-Rashid, Sa`d al-Ansari, Halab, Syria. 3 September 2012. Hit by one of the tens of thousands rounds unleashed upon the city for the past month and a half.

[1] They started referring to their forces by the official name “Syrian Arab Army”; every person interviewed on their TV channels, even kids, are now doing so. Normally, people would refer to it as the “army” or the “Syrian army” but apparently that isn’t good enough any more. It looks very unnatural for a kid to speak of the “Syrian Arab Army”  and it’s very typical of them to push ideology down peoples throats by making them use these silly ideological terms.

[2] This list is incomplete and currently a month outdated.

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