Assad’s War on the Mosque of the Companion Khalid Ibn al-Walid

The Assad regime has been shelling the mosque of the companion of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him and his family, Khalid Ibn al-Walid, may Allah be pleased with him, as early as February 2012 and it has only increased since. This has caused significant damage to the domes, minarets and other parts of this historical mosque. It has also caused damage on the inside, where his shrine and tomb and that of the companion Abdullah Ibn Umar Ibn al-Khattab are located, may Allah be pleased with them. Footage from February doesn’t seem to show that they suffered any damage, although there is clearly damage very near them. More recent footage shows more damage in general, but doesn’t capture images of the shrine and tombs.  Even though shelling and bombardments have only increased, the mosque has still been largely saved from the massive destruction that befell on the rest of the Khalidiyye neighbourhood and many other neighbourhoods of Homs. This may change any day. The following is a (incomplete) list of videos showing the damage on the inside and outside of the mosque respectively, and footage from of the shelling itself. First, a report from April by Syrian Archaeological.

Damage inside of the mosque:

February 25–woYk0
February 26:
March 4
June 6
August 29

Damage on the outside:

September 1
August 9
July 3

Shelling of the mosque:

August 9
July 17
July 9
June 17
April 16
April 14
February 24

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