Assad Regime has killed more than 25.000 Civilians

Since March 2011 till now, the Assad regime has killed at least 25.000 civilians in Syria. The number of civilian casualties has exponentially increased throughout the past year and a half as a result of the regime’s increasing violence against residential areas and other kind of civilian targets. This violence includes executions and massacres, shooting at people in the streets and other places, shelling of entire neighbourhoods by artillery, mortars and tanks, and missile and other kind of bombardments by helicopters and fighter jets. Consistent with this has been the increased daily casualty rate which by now has reached an average of over 150 a day, and with more than 5.000 casualties last month has been the deadliest so far.

Despite the immense efforts of the Assad regime to keep the truth from coming out by banning foreign reporters and hunting down activists, covering its tracks and fabricating news stories, this has perhaps been the best documented and most widely accessible war in the history of warfare. Nevertheless, there are some who find it necessary to question these numbers along with other such data, sometimes in order to give the story a spin into a different direction. The sheer amount of reports and footage that has come out of Syria for the past year and a half makes it impossible for any other direction to be rationally conceived. A main error lies in fact in considering the organisations who verify, organise and count the data as primary sources. They are not, their purpose is merely to document the actual sources and thereby give an accurate impression of what has taken place. There are a few:


There is room for valid criticism of these lists, but it is inconceivable for the majority of their data to be false or fabricated or misused, and even that would not give anything a different direction. Such would not only be inconsistent with the actual sources themselves, which are widely accessible, but many other statistics as well, not to mention the well established events that have taken place in this war. In fact, these numbers are extremely low considering the massive violence they are the result of, and such a low count may be explained by the fact that over 75.000 people have gone missing and remain unaccounted for. Indeed, this war may have very well cost the lives of up to 100.000 civilians so far.

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