This Month in Salaheddin, Aleppo

I stopped keeping count of the regime’s claims to have recaptured Salaheddin after the first couple of times. For the past two months they have bombarded the neighbourhood senseless and attempted to storm and control it many times, but failed to do so up to this day. At most they advanced into some parts of it, only to eventually withdraw again. Despite all the death and destruction unleashed upon the neighbourhood by the regime, Salaheddin, the place where it all started, has been and continues to be the front line. The following is a compilation of footage covering events that have taken place in the neighbourhood for the past month or so. They contain clashes, footage of the damage and destruction as well as other relevant matters.

Yesterday, September 21, tanks are back to moving around in Hamdaniyye (west of Salaheddin), the same place they were two months ago:

Yesterday as well, Assad’s troops are being prevented from moving into the neighbourhood:

Also from yesterday, damage and destruction from shelling and bombardments of the Shariah secondary girls school and its surroundings. That looks like Commander Abu Bakri who was interviewed by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad for his documentary “The Battle of Syria”:


September 19, tanks are hit:

September 18, regime snipers in the destroyed neighborhood:

September 17, damage and destruction from shelling and bombardments of the Salaheddin Mosque:

This is what it used to be:

September 16, inside the Salaheddin Mosque:

September 16, in front of the Salaheddin Mosque

September 16, this is the Salaheddin roundabout:

September 16, this is the street of the Khidr Mosque:

September 16, an overview from the roundabout:

September 16, the FSA preventing the regime from moving around:

September 16, damage to the Taqwa Mosque:

September 15, at the roundabout:

September 15, clashes close to the roundabout:

September 15, the FSA after liberating parts of the neighbourhood:

September 15, a prayer by the Halab al-Shahba brigade before entering battle

September 15, the regime shells and sets homes ablaze as it withdraws:

September 15, bodies of executed people are found upon retaking parts of the neighbourhood:
(Warning, Graphic!):

September 14, the FSA at Shuhada street:

The same street not so long ago:

September 14, heavy shelling:

September 11, aftermath of the bombardments:

September 11, a compilation of footage from Salaheddin by the Union of Aleppo

September 10, damage from shelling and bombardments:

September 7, damage from shelling:

September 7, taking out tanks:

August 30, the FSA is still present in Salaheddin:


August 26, Col. Abdul Jabbar al-`Agedi in Salaheddin:

August 26, people fleeing from the shelling and artillery:

August 26, hitting a tank:

August 25, damage from shelling to the Taqwa Mosque:

August 25, one of the residents speaking with the Tawhid Brigade:

August 22, heavy clashes in the neighbourhood:

August 22, destruction of homes:

August 19, clashes in the neighbourhood:

ِAugust 17, clashes:

August 16, damage inside the Salaheddin Mosque:

ِAugust 16, a civilian is murdered by a sniper as he tries to escape:

August 16, devastation from the bombardments:

August 15, massacred civilian residents that tried to flee
(Warning Graphic!):

August 13, clashes in the neighbourhood:

August 13, immense destruction:

August 13, regime propaganda: Salah al-Din is once more under their control, and people are cheering them on and returning to their “homes”. The most bizarre lie of all is how all the destruction and devastation is explicitly shown and simply blamed on groups with small arms rather than the rampage by the army and air force.

August 12, incredible destruction of the neighbourhood:


August 11, civilian resident tries to make it across the street:
(Warning, Graphic!):

August 11, destruction of homes:

August 11, shells falling on the neighbourhood:

August 8, incredible destruction of the neighbourhood

August 8, the Sa`d bin Abi Waqqas Mosque is being shelled:

August 8, Al Jazeera reports from Salah al-Din

August 8, the Tawhid Brigade takes an oath to defend the neighbourhood

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