Free Shaykh Yusuf Hindawi

This is Shaykh Yusuf Hindawi, standing in front of the tomb of the Prophet Zachary (peace be upon him) in the Grand Ummayad Mosque in Aleppo of which he is the director, holding in his hand the blessed hair of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). The picture was posted on Shaykh Mahmoud Abul Huda al-Husayni’s FB page. On September 4, Shaykh Yusuf was taken away by Assad’s mercenaries after he reprimanded them for vile behaviour inside the mosque.

His students launched a FB page dedicated to his release. Shaykh Buti and Mufti Hassoun reportedly pleaded with Assad for him to be released, and the response was that he would be released if he posed no threat to the state. Apparently, reprimanding an Assadist “ubermensch” for vile behaviour in the Grand Mosque threatens the state, because instead of being released he was moved from Aleppo to Damascus. The Shaykh recovered from heart surgery and suffers from diabetes and high tension, and nothing has been heard from him since.

This is the story of hundreds of Shaykhs and Imams in Syria.

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