Some of the Syrian Revolution’s Most Impressive Demonstrations

[This post is dedicated to Hama Echo, a peaceful activist who kept us up to date through Twitter. He has left us two weeks ago with the following words: “For Qubair, for Houla, for Daraya, for Baba Amr, for Arbain, for Rastan, it’s time to join the fight at last. Won’t be back on here, bye.” The beautiful June 7 demonstration in Kafr Souseh I found linked on his profile. May God protect him and grant him success.]

For months on end peaceful protests have been the only weapon the Syrian people had as they stood completely defenceless against the war machine Assad unleashed upon them and anyone in their proximity. Armed with songs, slogans, flags and signs they stood defiant against beatings, arrests, torture, live fire and finally the full force of the army. As defections increased and an organized effort was made to protect the people from these massacres, the regime responded by shelling residential neighbourhoods with tanks, mortars and heavy artillery, and finally bombarding them with helicopters and fighter jets.

In spite of as many as 30.000 civilians having been killed, three times more having gone gone missing, tens times more having been wounded, arrested, and having fled the country, a hundred times more internally displaced and entire cities having been ravaged, peaceful protests haven’t stopped; every day there are dozens of demonstrations in many cities, towns and villages across the country, and several hundred every friday.

The following is a small selection of some of the most impressive demonstrations during the past year or so.

12 October 2012, Bustan al-Qasr, Aleppo

12 October 2012, Arbeen, Aleppo

9 September 2012, Ashrafiye, Aleppo:

1 August 2012, Rukn al-Din, Damascus

22 July 2012, Ansari Mashhad, Aleppo

7 June 2012, Kafr Souseh, Damascus

27 December 2012, Homs

29 July 2011, Hama

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