Hama Echo: Back from the Front

Hama Echo, the activist who joined the armed struggle against the Assad regime over a month ago, is back with an important message from the front:

The Syrian Fronts

After a long time of planning, the revolutionaries are now mainly reorganised to one group, split into different fronts across the country. I have joined the northern front, but the most important one is the southern front where all of the units of Horan have united into one and shelled the presidential palace as a show of force.

Some things I was told about this reorganisation:

  • The new organisation has no political affiliation, it is preparing for the final phase of Assad’s regime and to serve as the transition army after during the free, democratic elections. After this a normal army will return.
  • The big aim is to make one united group fighting for a democratic Syria, not hundreds of battalions fighting for different political, religious, personal agenda etc.
  • This would mean we would receive better weapons like artillery guns and anti-tank missiles.
  • The shows of force like this: will make more and more units join these fronts as they see the benefits and eventually nearly all units will be united.
  • Assad is expected to fall by the end of the year but it will be very violent, we have not seen anything yet.

[Show of Force]

That’s all to say. If I get better internet access I might post again at this blog.

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