Two Weeks of Defections and Formations

The following is a list of available videos of defections and formations of new battalions and brigades over the past two weeks, as collected by PolishSoldier and posted on Yalla Souriya. The term “brigades” in the titles often refers to battalions. The number of defections is not overwhelming but remains very significant 20 months into the revolution. The amount of new formations however is immense, giving a further insight into recent developments in the armed uprising against the Assad tyranny. The videos have been sorted by province, covering 11 of the 13 Syrian provinces and all of their major cities.

14-11-2012 Defection of Sergeant Mohammed Ali al-Ahmed.
14-11-2012 Defection of air force Brig. General Muntasir Mohammed Jalal Gawish.
14-11-2012 Defection 50 soldiers from Rep. Guard and others branches in Qalamoun.
14-11-2012 Formation Division compose with Naim tribe members.
13-11-2012 Defection of soldier Salah Abdullah Saleh in Deir Ezzor.
13-11-2012 Defection of 2 soldiers from checkpoint in Alzeinah.
13-11-2012 Defection Chief Immigration and Passports Departament in Deir Ezzor Brig General Nabil Sheikh Dendal.
12-11-2012 Defection head of the Investigation Branch in Qamishli Hasan Ali Ahmad.
11-11-2012 Defection of soldier Hassan Ibrahim Hassan in Deir Ezzor.
11-11-2012 Defection of First Sergeant with group of soldiers in Aleppo.
10-11-2011 Defection of air force Captain in East Gouta.
10-11-2011 Defection 2 members of the regiment 46.
10-11-2011 Defection group of recruits secure by “Scola” Brigade.
09-11-2012 Defection of Captain Mohammad Mustafa Rahal in Rastan.
09-11-2012 Defection group of soldiers in Homs countryside.
09-11-2012 Defection of Lt. Colonel Gamal Abdel Majid Khudair in Aleppo.
08-11-2012 Defection of soldier Mahmud Mohammad Mohammed in Aleppo.
08-11-2012 Defection air force Major Joseph Hamoud and Sergeant Abdul Razzak Mohammed Hamoud.
07-11-2012 Defection of 2 soldiers in Raqqa.
07-11-2012 Defection of a soldier in Harasta.
07-11-2012 Defection of another soldier in Harasta.
07-11-2012 Defection of Sergeant Mohammed Abdul Wahed Yassin.
07-11-2012 Defection of soldier in Idlib.
06-11-2012 Defection of Colonel Naim Mohammed Rahal in Yarmouk.
06-11-2012 Defection of Brig Generals Abdul Khalil Saleh, Nasser Rahan, and Colonel Mussa Khaur.
04-11-2012 Defection of 3 soldiers from Dabaa Airport.
01-11-2012 Defection of Captain Ahmed Adawi with group of soldiers and formation FSA Brigade in Jabal Al Zawia.
31-10-2012 Defection group of soldiers securing by Mujahideen Brigade.
31-10-2012 Defection of Staff Sergeant Faisal Sheikh.
31-10-2012 Defection of soldier Ramal Aman.
31-10-2012 Defection of Alawite soldier in Idlib countryside.

14-11-2012 Formation sniper unit
13-11-2012 Formation of “Khalid ibn al-Walid” Brigade in Aleppo.
12-11-2012 Formation “Hus” Brigade in Aleppo.
11-11-2012 Formation “Saad bin Maaz Al Ansari” Brigade in Aleppo countryside.
11-11-2012 Formation “Bara bin Malik” battalion as part of “Unification” Brigade.
10-11-2011 Formation “Anadan” Brigade.
09-11-2012 Formation FSA battalion in Aleppo.
07-11-2012 Formation “Hijra” Brigade in Aleppo.
Formation FSA battalion as past of “Desert Hawks” Brigade in southern part of Aleppo countryside.
05-11-2012 Formation Special Tasks battalion as past of “Desert Hawks” Brigade in southern part of Aleppo countryside.
04-11-2012 Formation “Thunderbirds” Brigade in Manbej: Aleppo.
04-11-2012 Formation “Signs of Victory” Brigade in Aleppo.
03-11-2012 Formation “Supporters of Muhammad” Brigade in Aleppo.
31-10-2012 Formation of “Noureddine Zanki” Brigade in Bejanon.

14-11-2012 Formation “Farouk al-Sham” Brigade in Damascus and its countryside.
14-11-2012 Formation FSA battalion in Damascus and its countryside.
13-11-2012 Formation “Follwers of Aisha” Brigade led Lt. Hamad Lual.
13-11-2012 Formation “Hassan” battalion as part “Shield of Ghouta” Brigade.
12-11-2012 Formation “Hassan and Hussein” Brigade.
11-11-2012 Formation “Banner of Islam” Brigade.
11-11-2012 Formation Special Assignments battalion as part of “Sham Hawks” Brigade.
09-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Sam Hassan” Brigade in Damascus northwest countryside.
09-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Abu Obeida Bassam” battalion as part “Grandsons of Prophet” Brigade in Damascus and its countryside.
09-11-2012 Formation “Tawheed” Brigade in Damascus countryside.
07-11-2012 Formation FSA battalion as part “Grandsons of the prophet” Brigade.
06-11-2012 Formation “Followers of Quran” Brigade.
06-11-2012 Formation “Righteous Caliphs” Brigade in East Ghouta.
04-11-2012 Formation “Martyrs of Salhiya” Brigade in Damascus and its countryside.
04-11-2012 Formation “Tariq bin Ziyad” Battalion of the Christ Brigade
02-11-2012 Formation FSA Brigade in East Ghouta.
01-11-2012 Formation FSA battalion in Horan.
01-11-2012 Formation “Yazid” battalion as part of Liberation Brigade in Horan.
31-10-2012 Formation “Lions of Sunnis” regiment in Zabadani.
31-10-2012 Formation “Men of Rahman” Brigade in Damascus and its coutryside.

Deir al-Zor
14-11-2012 Formation “Grandsons of Aisha” Brigade in Deir Ezzor countryside.
10-11-2011 Formation “Al Ansar” Brigade in countryside of Deir Ezzor.
07-11-2012 Formation “Ansar Al Sunna” Brigade in Abu Kamal.
07-11-2012 Formation “Shaaabah” Brigade in rural Deir Ezzor.
03-11-2012 Formation FSA Brigade in Deir Ezzor countryside.
31-10-2012 Formation FSA Brigade in Taiana: Deir Ezzor countryside.
31-10-2012 Formation “Martyrs of Taiana” Brigade in Deir Ezzor countryside.

12-11-2012 Formation “Martyrs of freedom and dignity” battalion in Daraa countryside.
10-11-2011 Formation “Muhagirin” Brigade in Daraa.
06-11-2012 Formation “Bara ibn Malik” Brigade in Daraa.
05-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Saqer Khalaf” Brigade in Daraa.
03-11-2012 Formation “Martyrs of Al Salamin” Brigade in Daraa.
02-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Qassim Ramah” Battalion in Daraa.
01-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Muhammad Aharaki” Brigade in Daraa.
01-11-2012 Formation “Freedom for Al Salamin” battalion as part of “Grandsons of the Prophet” Brigade.

14-11-2012 Formation “Tawheed” Brigade in southern Idlib Countryside
14-11-2012 Formation “Ahrar Al Islam” Brigade led by Lt. Colonel Mustafa Suleiman in Idlib.
13-11-2012 Formation “Cherfaarab” Brigade in Maraat Al Nouman.
10-11-2011 Formation “Abu Hasan” Brigade in northern part of rural Idlib.
07-11-2012 Formation air defense unit.
05-11-2012 Formation “Soldiers of Allah” Brigade.
05-11-2012 Formation United Northern Front.
03-11-2012 Formation 202 battalion.
02-11-2012 Formation “Knights of The East” Brigade in rural Maraat Al Nouman.

13-11-2012 Formation “Shield of Hama” Brigade.
12-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Lt. Ahmed Asrab” Brigade in northern Hama.
11-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Muhammad Dubais” battalion led by Lt. Ahmad Abdul Rahman Mutrawi as part of “Osama bin Zaid” Brigade in Hama.
10-11-2011 Formation “Great Messenger” battalion in Hama.
10-11-2011 Formation “Victory” Brigade in Hama.
09-11-2012 Formation FSA battalion in Jabal Al Karam.
08-11-2012 Formation Hama sector of Central Front.
08-11-2012 Formation FSA Brigade in Krnaz (Hama) led by Captain Hayyan Yassen.
07-11-2012 Formation “Saifullah” Brigade in Hama led by Colonel Saed Al Hindawi.
31-10-2012 Formation “Radwan” Brigade in Jisr al-Shughur.

12-11-2012 Formation “Martyrs of Hasaka” Brigade.

14-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Fawaz Al Zakour” Brigade in Talbisseh.
14-11-2012 Formation FSA Division in Quasir led by Colonel Mohammed Abdul Karim.
14-11-2012 Formation “Descendants of the conquerors” Brigade.
13-11-2012 Formation FSA Brigade in Hula Valley.
12-11-2012 Formation of the “Liberation” Brigade in Homs.
12-11-2012 Formation police unit in Rastan.
10-11-2011 Formation “Saif Maslool” Brigade in Rastan.
10-11-2011 Formation “Martyr Naaman Dalati” battalion led by 1st. Lieutenant Ali Suleiman in northern part of Homs.
09-11-2012 Formation “Belivers in God” Division in Talbiseh.
08-11-2012 Formation “Kufran” battalion as part of Faruk Brigade.
08-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Izz Al Qassam” Brigade in Rastan.
08-11-2012 Formation “Martyrs of Sabaa” battalion in southern part of Homs countryside.
07-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Kadr Masri” battalion.
07-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Saddam Hussein” battalion.
06-11-2012 Formation “Al Nour” battalion as part of “Ansar” Brigade in west part of Homs.
06-11-2012 Formation “Tahrir” Brigade in Homs.
02-11-2012 Formation “Tawheed” Division in Rastan.
04-11-2012 Formation FSA Corps in Homs Governorate.
01-11-2012 Formation “Martyr Abdul Hameed Mattar” battalion in Homs.
01-11-2012 Formation FSA Brigade in Homs.

12-11-2012 Formation FSA battalion in Lattakia.
11-11-2012 Formation FSA battalion as part of “Ansar al-Sham” Brigade in Lattakia countryside.
08-11-2012 Formation “Ahaba Al Saddiq” Brigade in Lattakia countryside.
08-11-2012 Formation “Ahrar Al Jabala” Brigade.
04-11-2012 Formation “Supporters of the Prophet” battalion as part of “Costal Hawks” Brigade in Lattakia.
01-11-2012 Formation “Jaffar Al Tayyar” Brigade in Lattakia countryside.
01-11-2012 Formation “Paradise” Brigade in Lattakia.

04-11-2012 Formation “Special Assignments” battalion in Tartous.

02-11-2012 Formation FSA Brigade in Raqqa countryside.

09-11-2012 Formation “Followers of Salaf” Battalion.
09-11-2012 Formation “Supporters of truth and justice” battalion.
05-11-2012 Formation “Fatah” battalion.
04-11-2012 Formation “Islamic Law” Brigade.
04-11-2012 Formation “Grandsons of Khalid bin Walid” battalion.

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