Damage at the Tomb of Shaykh Abdallah Sirajuddin

This is the great scholar and saint of Aleppo of the past century, Shaykh al-Islam Abdallah Ibn Muhammad Najib Sirajuddin al-Halabi al-Husayni, may God be pleased with him and his father. He passed away 10 years ago and was buried in the famous Shabaniya school where he used to teach, and which dates back to the Ottoman era.

Nearly two weeks ago, clashes broke out in the neighbourhood where the school is located.

In the above video from the 14th of November, fighters from the FSA are in the courtyard of the school and are walking together with the care taker towards the room with the tomb of Shaykh Abdallah Sirajuddin. Glass, seemingly what was around the tomb, had been shattered as they arrived there. The brothers in the video behaved respectfully, properly greeting the passed Shaykh. One fighter wanted to enter but another prevented him saying it would not be permissible [to enter with his shoes] as the floor was carpeted with prayer mats.

In this video from the same day, the care taker is with another small group of fighters.

It’s not clear what happened exactly, but it seems that Assad’s soldiers occupied the school and abandoned it upon the arrival of the FSA. It appears that there have been clashes inside the courtyard. Hasbuna allah wa-nima al-wakil

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