Children Massacred in Ansari Sharqi, Aleppo

Today the genocidal Assad tyranny bombarded the residents of Ansari Sharqi in Aleppo, causing several residential buildings to collapse and massacring over 20 people while wounding over 80, among them many children. They were all living there when a helicopter bombarded them. The images coming out of the Eastern Ansari neighbourhood are horrifying, but they are the reality in Syria. This is what the savagery that the Syrian people are facing looks like.

The following 19 minute video shows the cameraman driving to the scene on his moped. When he arrives, he finds total destruction and children under the rubble, some dead, some alive. Residents, activists and the FSA are doing everything they can to get everyone from under the rubble.


A roughly translated segment:

1:35″ “was it a barrel?” (in reference to the barrel bombs being used by the Syrian Air force)

1:36: “Mister!” boy is calling out in the background.

1:39: “Boy! Boy! Guys, come take the boy!”

1:42: “Here’s the boy! Here, come on!”

1:46: The boy starts pleading “Mister, mister, please help, may God be pleased with you.”

1:48: The man comforts the boy : “don’t worry, don’t worry, slow down, slow down.”

1:50: The boy says “May God keep you alive/protect you.”

1:52: “Don’t worry, don’t be afraid.”

1:54: “Guys, guys, help take away the kid”

Other shorter clips that activists uploaded from Ansari today:

A martyred little girl is taken out of the rubble on the rooftop:

Panic and grief as she is brought down:

Her father faints:

This man was completely buried in the rubble:


Footage from the scene:

A child is pulled out of the rubble, he is still alive:


An overview of the scene:

Trying to save people on the roof:

Survivors are rushed to a car:

This little girl survived:

Another little girl is rushed to an ambulance:

A message from the people to Assad

The words of an elderly resistance fighter:

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