People of Homs blame Assad for Car Bomb

Two car bomb explosions in the central city of Homs have left at least seven people killed and scores of others injured, state TV and medics reported. Sunday’s blasts occured at al-Malaab neighbourhood, an upscale government controlled-area in the centre of Homs. Security forces surrounded the area and state-sponsored television arrived to film at the scene. Al-Malaab neighbourhood, which contains many cafes and restaurents, has seen frequent anti-government protests and ensuing crackdown by security forces. It was also hit by deadly stray mortar rounds on several occasions since the uprising in the country began. It currently houses hundreds of displaced people who fled their homes in the violence-hit areas of the city. The below footage shows the aftermath of the latest explosions:

Car bombings in neighbourhoods occupied by the regime have been on the rise again recently, by a nearly a year after the first one the situation has become such that the the regime itself is no longer the only or even the main suspect. Other candidates who had been suspected of regime infiltration before are now capable enough to organize such attacks by themselves, and they have. The difference with this case as well as several other ones is that nobody claimed them. The regime’s propaganda machine was all over it, while several aspects of this latest attack have made suspicions rise again amongst activists. The people of al-Malaab neighbourhood in Homs did not buy into it, and no more than a few hours after the blast, as the smoke was still coming off of the burned out cars and buildings, the people are taking to the street right at the site of the explosion, cursing Assad, demanding his fall, and blaming his gangs for this terrorist attack:

This is a powerful message from the people whose neighbourhood has been “struck by a terrorist attack” according to the regime.

[UPDATE] This is the Omari Mosque as the martyrs from the blast are being brought in:

And the protests in al-Malaab continue:

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