Aleppo is Starving


Every day Aleppo’s residents are struggling to survive amidst the indiscriminate bombardments and shelling on residential areas, snipers firing at everything that moves, and the general lack of safety and security resulting from clashes and the devastation of war. The city is filled with displaced families from the countryside and the hardest hit neighbourhoods in the city. It is cold and many no longer own much more than they have on them, while there is no heating gas available. There is no gasoline, no electricity, no cooking gas and no water. The weakest and poorest suffer the most and on top of all the horror, fear, cold and thirst there is no food either, no bread. The following footage is from the last couple of days.

This is today’s report from al-Akhbar al-An by Jenan Moussa. On twitter she mentions: “I saw first hand how the humanitarian situation in Aleppo is getting worse. An old woman begs me on camera for bread. An old lady in Aleppo was crying and swearing to me that she sleeps hungry. She begged me for some bread. Literally fighting for bread in Aleppo. You don’t have to know Arabic to see the despair on this woman’s face.”

This is today’s report from CNN Arabic, it shows how a couple of families are living in a small house with two tiny rooms. One little boy says, “We want bread.” A little girl says, “We want bread, electricity and water.” The man explains how they haven’t had any bread all day.

In Qadi Askari, everyone is out on the street next to the graveyard waiting for bread, “bread, bread” can be heard in the background.

Extremely long lines for bread next to the graveyard, in Aleppo you’re either dead or waiting for bread.

These residents explain how there is no bread, no gas, nothing. One man is called who says, “There is no electricity and no bread, my brother, we don’t want electricity just bread.” There hasn’t been electricity for 10 days. Another man says that people are trying to bake bread on the street to feed their kids. Some kids are asked if they have bread at their house, “No” they respond. They start chanting “We want bread.”

This is what the man has been talking about, on every street corner people are trying to bake bread. “This is Aleppo, this is one of Aleppo’s neighbourhoods. This is the bread oven that Assad created, this is Aleppo in 2012. We have been sent back to the stone age.”

Masses of people on the streets in al-Shaar, waiting for bread. “Don’t film us” some ask. One little boy says, “Bashar you son of a dog.” These people are tired of being filmed, they are tired of their suffering being turned into a show that the entire world is watching, while nothing is being done to help them.

Lines for bread in Ansari Mashhad. A local Shaykh is singing a religious song while another man interrupts him.

The man has his say, 14 children are staying at his house. There’s no water, no electricity, no bread. “For the front there is bread, but what about us? We get nothing, we don’t eat. Is this the freedom we asked for, is this the freedom we want?”

This is Masakin Hanano.

Waiting for bread.

A message from one of the residents of Myassar. He has been hearing of all sorts committees coming to his neighbourhood to help, but he hasn’t seen any of them. There is no bread, no electricity, people are crying that they can’t feed their children, there’s no baby milk, no heating gas, no cooking gas, no gasoline. He calls upon the FSA and the LCC’s to help them, and says that everyone who has something only looks after their own. He says they have fought for the revolution, that they have given their lives, martyrs, fighters, and everyone is hungry. People are dying.

The Nasr Brigade and Fatihin Battalion are distributing some bread. This is clearly not enough and there is an enormous humanitarian gap between what the FSA can do and what the LCC’s can do. What is needed is absolute dedication to relief and relief alone, and a serious organized effort to provide it no less than the military, activist and medical efforts. Aid from abroad is neither sufficient nor finding its way into the country, into besieged cities such as Aleppo. And Aleppo has become a starving city and a disaster zone beyond imagination, but devastation and hunger is to be found everywhere in Syria. A few examples:

Rastan, Homs [English subs]

Al Bab, Aleppo province:

Kafr Naya, Aleppo countryside:

Hama city

Houla, Homs province

There are some people who would look at this footage and use it against the revolution. First, they should have a look what goes on at bread lines in regime occupied territories. This is one such area in Idlib, where Assad’s Shabbiha are taking whatever they want as they intimidate people with their weapons:

That is not an isolated incident, there are countless reports of such practices. More importantly, they forget that all of it is because of Assad. The people who are living this horror every day have all the right to complain. Assad apologists who use the suffering of people, people who have been brutally and savagely attacked by none other than this regime, to advance their own agenda and justifying their warped morality, have not. All of the above is when the regime isn’t bombarding the bread lines.

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