Assad’s Shabbiha Massacre Alawite Women and Children in Aqrab, Hama

Some if not many have feared that the revolution would unleash massacres, ethnic cleaning and even genocide upon the Alawite population of Syria. In the meantime, Assad unleashed his own genocidal campaign of mass destruction upon the country and turned it into a land of horror beyond belief. Yet despite killing tens of thousands, not a single massacre targeting the Alawite community took place in revenge. This is not to say that such a horrific event couldn’t possibly happen, or that there was absolutely no one who wanted it to happen, but the fact remains that it didn’t.

Yesterday, anywhere between a dozen, dozens more and even hundreds of Alawite as well as Sunni civilians, amongst them many women and children, were brutally massacred in the town of Aqrab. How many survived remains unclear. This horrific crime, however, was not committed by revolutionaries, extremist or otherwise. This is the story of some of those women and children who survived the massacre perpetrated against hundreds of them by the savage and psychotic Shabbiha of al-Assad, as told by the survivors themselves and by activists documenting their testimonies. All of them are Alawites.

Aqrab is a small village that lies about 30 km west of Hama, and has a diverse population of Sunnies and Alawites. According to eyewitnesses, this is what happened in Aqrab today: The Free Syrian Army surrounding a building belonging to the shabiha in Aqrab village, in which the regime forces had taken women and children captive. They intended on using the civilians as human shields to protect themselves from an attack by the FSA. Afterwards, some of the leaders of the village, including Shaikh Ali al-Omar and Shaikh Saa’do Hamash and the retired Colonel Shaker Akkash. It was a group of eight people who went to negotiate the release of the women and children, and to ask the regime forces to turn themselves in, promising their safety. The leaders were kidnapped in an attempt to pressure the FSA, and thus the FSA retreated. Afterwards, the shabiha killed the leaders and threw hand grenades at the women and children who were trying to escape. They took advantage of the FSA’s retreated by leaving the building and blowing it up, attempting to frame the FSA for this operation. They also fired missiles at the building, and an air raid on the area left it completely destroyed, killing the 200 – 250 civilians (including women and children) inside. Some of the wounded Alawites, women and children, were evacuated, and verified this report.

SRGC | Hama Revolutionists Command Council | Complete Daily Report | Tuesday, December 11, 2012

These are the testimonies by the survivors:

This is Umm Ayham, she mentions that there were 500 of them in total and explains how two Shabbiha called Isma`il and Nasir Jbele took them hostage, threatened to kill them saying “if we die, you die” and eventually began shooting and throwing hand grenades at the people despite their pleas “fear your Lord, there are children here.”

This boy was shot in his leg by the Shabbiha. They killed his mother, father and siblings.

The first wounded boy emphasises that it wasn’t the regular army, but that the Shabbiha who were with them did this. The second boy seems to be the same as in the previous video. He mentions another member of the Jbele family as a perpetrator, Ahmad, and said the Shabbiha killed all of the 300 people.

The first boy is the same boy who tells his story again. The second boy says that they threw grenades at them.

According to the testimonies, the purpose of this massacre was to frame the FSA. Juan Cole who is in Damascus, however, mentions that he has been going to all the regime’s propaganda channels and found that there was “not a single peep about it.” Perhaps it was only for the Alawites to know about, to fear for their fate if al-Assad falls, whether at the hands of the FSA or the regime. Like these poor people from Aqrab, the Alawite community of Syria has been taken hostage. Hitler used to say at the end of his days that the Germans have brought destruction upon themselves because of their weakness. A Germany defeated was not a Germany worthy to exist. This is why there can only be Assad, or otherwise the country, including the Alawite community, is to be burned. This is the belief of the Assad’s Shabbiha cult, this is what they fight for.

More details about this massacre can be found at:
Alawites in the Syrian Revolution

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