Shaykh Borhani: Victory is Delayed because we Delayed our Repentence

(This is a picture of a Hadra [Sufi gathering] with Shaykh Hisham Borhani [middle], Habib Ali [left] and the late saint Shaykh Ahmad al-Habbal [right] may God be pleased with him)


عنا بالشام الحمد لله في صالحين كتير في أولياء كتير في عارفين كتير أحياء وأموات
والله لن يضر أهل الشام والله لن يضر الله أهل الشام ما دام هؤلاء بينهم ..
ولكن عم يتأخر النصر لأنو نحنا تأخرنا في التوبة ..
توبوا إلى الله وشوفوا شلون النصر يأتي فوراً ..
وفي الشام في أولياء كتير بتقلي وينون؟؟
بقلك عند الله معروفين ودعاءهون مستجاب ..
وستروا آيــــــــة الــــلـــــه ستروا آيـــــــة الــــــلـــــه توجهوا إلى الله والله سينصرنا ..
اطمئنوا اطمئنوا إن شاء الله إن شاء الله بس نحنا نصلح حالنا شوي نتوب إلى الله ..
أبــــــشــــــــــروا واطـــــمــئنــــوا الـــــــنــــــــــــــــصــــــــــر آت وقـــــــــريــــــــــب””
والحمد لله رب العالمين.


These are the words of Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Borhani, spoken from his Mosque [al-Tawba] in Damascus on 28 December 2012. He begins by saying that Sham is blessed, yet we did not become victorious over the hypocrites roaming it because we have abandoned our religion, because we have abandoned the way of our Lord, and it is impossible for us to become victorious unless we return to our Lord. If the couple of million of Sham [Damascus] would be united, victory would come.

He continues to say that there are many saints and righteous people in Sham, living and passed away, and that the people of Sham will be spared as long as they remain amongst them. But victory is delayed because we delayed our repentance, repent and see how quick victory will come, instantly! He then proceeds to tell the story of a saint who caused water to flow from a rock, and that there are people like this in Sham today. We have to walk with the saints, and rest assured victory is near.

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