The Martyrdom of Shaykh al-Buti

Inna lillahi wa-inna ilayhi raji`un, to God we belong and to Him we return. Thursday evening the very sad news came that our Shaykh Muhammad Sa`id Ramadan al-Buti was murdered along with his grandson and numerous other worshippers who were attending his lessons at the Iman Mosque in Damascus, may Allah forgive him and have mercy upon him and upon all the martyrs.

For two years, concern for the Shaykh caused grief and pain with the mere mention of his name. Yet the sorrow when it feels like a loved one has abandoned us cannot compare to the sorrow felt when he returns to his Lord, leaving us wondering whether we have not abandoned him instead. We have surely abandoned the Syrian people, may Allah guide us all.

What exactly took place and who committed this heinous, demonic crime remains unclear. His views at the very end of his life about the tyranny that surrounded him and which was unleashed upon millions of innocents also remain unknown. Much can be said about these things and how they may relate, but what must be said here are prayers and condolences:

Shaykh Hisham Borhani: “Every soul shall taste death, O Allah, forgive him and have mercy upon him…”

Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi: “May Allah grant him the best and honour him with martyrdom.”

Shaykh `Abd al-Hadi Kharsa: “Condolences to his family, children and loved ones …may Allah forgive the Shaykh and have mercy upon him.”

ٍShaykh Krayyim Rajeh: “Shaykh Sa`id Ramadan al-Buti, may Allah have mercy upon him …was my son and my brother…”

Shaykh Rateb al-Nabulsi: ٍ”Shaykh Muhammad Sa`id al-Buti returned to his Lord …may Allah have mercy upon those who died from this sinful bombing and grant their families patience…”

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