Terror in Syria

[Homs, Jouret Shayah, 22 July 2012]

Of all the horror that this regime unleashed upon Syria, nothing has been more terrorizing and more destructive than its bombardments. SCUD Missiles, rockets, TNT barrels and all sorts of bombs have fallen on residential areas housing innocent civilians. This is an example from Daraya, Damascus province, 20 January 2013.

More recently from Yabroud, Damascus countryside, 17 May 2013

Nothing is spared with this type of destruction, neighborhoods have been flattened, killing, maiming and wounding young and old, man, woman and child, one and all having been scarred for life in so many ways. Hundreds at once, every single time, hundreds of times.

[Azaz, Aleppo province, 14 January 2013]

This is what happened in March and April in Ansari al-Sharqi, Aleppo city:

This is what happened in Myasser, also in the city, in between the above two bombardments.

This incredible young boy from Aleppo, Nayef, calm and sharp as he remains in the midst of horrors that few could even imagine, and even less who could tell about it the way he does.

The boy asks: I want to know, why is he bombing us? Just because he can, against the weak? Just like that?” What can those who failed him tell him? Will they tell him: “No, not just like that,” and explain to him it is because of the protests, because of the rebellion, because of terrorism, sectarianism, extremism and conspiracy? Will they tell him to not participate in strife, to not protest, to not rebel, to not be a an extremist, sectarian terrorist that is part of the conspiracy, but to instead obey those “authorities” that did this to him and everyone he knows? This boy was asleep in his house with the rest of his family.

Or take this little girl from Bustan al-Qasr in Aleppo, one of our greatest little heroes, and consider what happened to her and the honorable people of her neighborhood in November 2012:

Note that unlike the other videos, this was “just” a mortar, tens of thousands of these have been falling on residential areas allover the country for the past two years.

A 2mn 11s video filmed on Nov 16, 2012 in Aleppo during a peaceful demonstration that Assad forces attacked with… a mortar shell! Preparation and filming: Abdallah Al Hakawati

God, accelerate our victory please
God, take the oppressors with you

The Syrian people are one

Freedom, freedom, we want freedom
Against your will Bashar, we ask for our freedom

By our determination, we’ll topple Bashar
Syria wants its freedom
Aleppo wants its freedom

Girl singing in front of the camera:
I’m longing for freedom
Oh, the people are not safe in their houses
I’m longing for freedom
Oh, the people are not safe in their houses

Citizen journalist: Are you hurt?
Girl: No, but my mom? My mom, did you see my mom [crying]!

Citizen journalist: Guys, check on the girl if she was hurt
People: It’s fine, she wasn’t hurt.

Dedication: To the soul of Mustafa Karman who left us this day
Bustan Al Qasr, Aleppo – 16.11.2012

What can those who failed her tell her? Will they tell her that she should not sing and demonstrate in the street right next to her house, peacefully, together with her brother, her family and everyone else she knows?

These children are the country’s pride and future, and such people can teach them nothing but to not be concerned with human life, how to not distinguish between cause and effect, and how to be dumb, deaf and blind for what is happening to them, to their families, their friends, their neighborhoods, villages, cities …to their country.

But these children cannot be fooled, they have experienced and witnessed the true meaning of terror and are bright enough to realize the extent of the injustice of those in power against the weak and innocent. Others who haven’t and aren’t, however, may learn that, in order not to suffer among the weak, they should join the strong and let evil be their guide. That was the lesson to be learned in Syria for decades on end, on all sorts of levels, until March 2011 when a few children in Der`a exposed that the emperor had no clothes.

This is today’s message to Bashar, from an old man in Sermin, Idlib:

Who are the terrorists? Among us are heroes … Bilal, Hassan, Mustafa, Bassam and their friends, they are all heroes. They are all heroes! There are no terrorists among us, we are revolutionaries and among us are revolutionaries. We don’t want you [Bashar]!

On Oct. 28, 2012, while FRONTLINE’s Olly Lambert was filming an interview with a Syrian rebel leader in the village of al-Bara, a regime airstrike hit barely 300 meters from where he was standing. He kept the cameras rolling, spending the next hour documenting the strike’s impact. This film, narrated by Lambert, is a rare, immersive portrait of the immediate aftermath of Syrian government air strikes on civilian populations.

[UPDATE 2 June 2013] And this is Al-Qusayr today, as after bombardments by warplanes now surface-to-surface missiles are hitting the city, this one almost hitting the citizen reporter:

Qusayr is being completely destroyed. Where the Muslims are, only God knows. Where the Arab are, only God knows.

3 thoughts on “Terror in Syria

  1. Lev Lafayette

    Hamoudeh Al-Halabi is worth following. Written from the pro-democratic wing of the Syrian rebels, this particular post illustrates the importance of realising that the use of air strikes and heavy weapons in civilian areas is the most unreported terrorist activity in the conflict.

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