Assad’s War on the Shrine of the Companion Khalid Ibn al-Walid

Assad began his war on the Mosque of the Companion Khalid Ibn al-Walid as early as February 2012 and hasn’t stopped since. Nearly a year and a half later, he has renewed his offensive and escalated his bombardments of the besieged city of Homs and with that his efforts to damage and destroy this historic Mosque, which is also the Prophet’s Companion’s burial place as well as that of the Companion Abdullah Ibn `Umar, may Allah be pleased with them. This has caused more destruction to the already gravely damaged Mosque, with fire breaking out inside and much damage being done to the shrine of Sayyidna [our Master] Khalid, which was directly hit by a rocket, as the above image as well as the following recording shows:

This is the besieged city of Homs, at the shrine of the Drawn Sword of God, Khalid Ibn al-Walid… Look what is happening to the houses of God, the grave of the Companion Khalid Ibn al-Walid has been destroyed. Allah is sufficient for us and He is the Greatest Protector… O Nation of Muhammad, O Islamic Nation, this is the shrine of our Master Khalid Ibn al-Walid, the Drawn Sword of God, bombarded, the Mosque of our Master Khalid Ibn al-Walid has been bombarded, rockets have hit the shrine of our Master Khalid Ibn al-Walid, when will you start moving? O Muslims, O Islamic Nation, O Arabs… Look what happened to the shrine, it has been destroyed, fear God O Muslims … Do you want the Shabbiha, Shi`a, Hezbollah to enter this shrine? … We have children, women, elderly … the children need milk and medicine, we have been besieged for over a year, what are you waiting for? … People need food, the wounded need medication, we are being bombarded with rockets..

That was the first day of Ramadan. This is what Assad and his mercenaries have been unleashing upon the Mosque for the past two weeks:

The last is a compilation. Despite the overwhelming evidence that the regime has been targeting this Mosque for nearly a year and a half, the arch liar Ahmad Munir Mohammad, Assad’s governor of Homs, denied this policy and blamed “terrorist groups” instead. He is most likely responding to the fire that broke out as a result of the shelling the day before:

Indeed, this bizarre denial was ironically right before Assad escalated his attacks for the past two weeks. A sick joke on the part of this “governor”, while pointing to several destructive attacks on Mosques that he denies and blames others for, and making the outrageously bizarre claim that “the army is keen on protecting religious and worship places.” What Assad’s army has been keen on is to destroy everything in site, lives, homes, and indeed places of worship, Muslim and Christian.

More relevant responses come from the people of Homs, from the Mosque of Sayyidna Khalid, peaceful activists and resistance fighters alike, also from the past two weeks:

Yesterday this Mosque has been bombarded by fighter jets, surface-to-surface missiles …for what? Every young man who is capable, capable that is, should come here [to Homs] and join these people in their resistance. …the emigrated [Syrians] should return.

Abu Rami: From the heart of Homs, from the heart of the Revolution, from the Mosque of our Master Khalid Ibn al-Walid. …God is with us, but you, who are outside of Homs, what are you waiting for?

…[poetry follows]. …the Nusayris, Hezbollah, Iran, Russia, they are all united. Why can’t we be united? …Become a single hand, ya Shabab.

Abu Wael: They can’t fight men, so they fight stones. …rockets by the thousands. …I call upon all of the Syrian fronts to come to Homs, all of the officers, you have one day! …While the [National] Coalition is holding elections, this is what’s happening to the Mosque of Sayyidna Khalid …

A message in English from activist Abu Rami to the Muslims around the world:

Two good earlier blog entries containing some of the included footage:

Khalid bin Walid Radi Allah ‘anhu’s Maqam has been attacked in Syria

Burning the Mosques

This used to take place in the Mosque of Sayyidna Khalid during the siege:

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