Sayyidna Khalid Ibn al-Walid’s Grave Completely Destroyed

After more than a year of bombardments by fighter jets, helicopters, missiles and mortars, Assad and his Khomeinist allies succeeded not only to gravely damage much of the Mosque of the Companion Khalid Ibn al-Walid, may Allah be pleased with him, but his Shrine as well. Footage uploaded earlier today shows the total destruction of his grave.

Reports from activists:

Shame on the Muslim world. Shame on the Muslim world. Shame on the Muslim world. Death has not moved them. Rape has not moved them. Purposeful burning and destroying of holy graves linking to our prophet has not moved them. Orphans have not moved them. Displaced, starved, thirsty have not moved them. –

“I want to tell Arabs and Muslims, how will you face God after Khalid bin Walid’s shrine has been destroyed? Why have you abandoned besieged Homs?” –

Footage of the Mosque being shelled yesterday:

And before that:

Ramadan in besieged Homs:

3 thoughts on “Sayyidna Khalid Ibn al-Walid’s Grave Completely Destroyed

  1. Tausif

    Near the holy maqam of Hazrat khalid bin Walid is the maqam of Hazrat abdullah ibn umar does any one know
    If that maqam has also been struck by those devils?

  2. Muhammad Abubakar Adam

    Its true that the muslim ummah has gone to sleep,why? Sayyidna khalid bn walid Grave was almost completely destroy one of the great sahaba of the prophet may the peace mercy and blessing of Allah be upon him and his house hold,shame on us,the muslim ummah how do you think you can meet Allah(S.W.T)we are afraid of death,this is what we are afraid of right.(kullu man alaiha faahn wa yabqa wajhu rabbika zuljalalu wal ikhram)there is only Allah to remain but everything will come to an end,so wheather you like it or not you will die.wake up muslim ummah before its too late.


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