Hundreds of Children Gassed in Damascus Chemical Massacre

These are three children among hundreds that have been mercilessly gassed to death in what has been the worst massacre in Syria, and the deadliest week of the Syrian genocide so far. It is also the worst chemical attack since Halabja, Iraq, in 1988. Yesterday morning before dawn, bombs and rockets fell on several towns and villages in the greater Damascus area and released toxic fumes, murdering countless people. This happened in Jobar, Douma, Kafr Batna, Zamalka, Erbeen, Jesrin, Mleiha, Ein Turma, Hamouriye, Moadamiyet al-Sham and Saqba. Dozens of martyrs were reported early on, but as casualties kept rising this soon reached hundreds and with reports now ranging anywhere between 1300 and 2200 people killed. The LCC puts the death toll from the chemical attack at 1390. Nearly all of the victims were civilians, with up to half of them women and children. Hundreds of children. Many were sleeping in their homes when the attacks took place, completely helpless. The following videos have been translated so far.

Samer Sniper’s Final Report of the Chemical Massacre in Eastern and Western Ghouta’s Towns:

The following is a longer video from Eastern Ghouta:

People are looking for their martyred relatives, among them is a local Shaykh who can barely hold back his tears after having lost his wife while looking with his daughter for her children.

They found her…

The activist reporter breaks down in tears, devastated and desperate in his plea to the Muslim world.



The world can close its eyes, but these children remain to die in front of them:

This old man is crying out to the Muslim world, nobody responds…



Human Rights Watch has interviewed several doctors and residents witnessing the attack.

This poor women and her family were sleeping when Assad bombed them with chemical weapons, people were dying on the streets as they came out of their homes. Her message to the accursed: “What do you want Bashar? I tell you: Kill us all and end it and take the country all for yourself… all of them children, dying on the street, women inside … you and Hassan [Nasr] the dog.”

Shaykh Sa`id Delwan from Douma: “We won’t forget this mother and her children… This is a chemical attack, it doesn’t differentiate between young and old, man, women or child … look at this child, this child that you killed with chemical weapons… God is sufficient for us … to Him we return.”

Shaykh Delwan: “These martyrs, children, small children under a year old… Bashar al-Assad is a beast who only looks like a human being, a murderer and the son of a murderer, a criminal and the son of a criminal…”

Syria 1st-Hand: An Eyewitness Account of Wednesday’s Regime Attacks. An eyewitness from Zamalka describes what happened during Wednesday morning’s attacks. You call these terrorists? These are children. Four or six missiles hit Zamalka. Look. I promise you that in one other hospital there are 155 dead.

Look at them! Children. Women. “Did you try to rescue them”? No, they were killed immediately. I swear to you some families were killed entirely. Mom, Dad, kids, and grandparents killed as they lay sleeping in their homes. We just brought down from three buildings entire families killed in their sleep. You will see in a bit. We will issue names for everyone. So far we have confirmed 400-500 martyrs [deaths], even 600. That number is climbing and we have wounded people who are almost martyrs.

I swear by God. When will this Government come and give a verdict on this? When will they act like a Government? When will traitor Bashar [President Assad] own up? God curse him and his parents.

Where is [United Nations envoy Lakhdar] Brahimi? [Former UN envoy] Annan, you talk of rights of children and people. Where are you? Come and see these children now! Don’t talk on TV. Just come and see. Come! God help us…

Look at this child. Look! We don’t know who his parents are. They’re just numbers now. –

There are many, many other videos, and little left to say … may these helpless and innocent children along with their mothers and fathers and all the martyrs be granted the best of the Hereafter, and their demonic murderers cursed with the worst of both worlds. Ya Rabb!

[UPDATE: Eastern Ghouta Union Medical Office reports the following figures:

Unfortunately there are even more victims, Western Ghouta doesn’t seem to be included and in yet another neighborhood houses filled with martyrs from the attacks have just been discovered.

4 thoughts on “Hundreds of Children Gassed in Damascus Chemical Massacre

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  2. Daisy

    May Kill those who had no mercy of killing so many innocents and mainly the small little children., what is their fault.. you human who do that don’t forget that there is one above all that is the almighty will punish you for sure and you will plead one day in front of all these lil saints and angels who is departed this earth and reached to heaven. you are still living in a evil world. I curse the one who did it.
    May Allah Bless and strengthen all the family members who lost their loved one’s, my tears are not stopping. OH GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL.

  3. G. Sabra Jr.

    Unbelievable. Thank you for posting this information, especially the eyewitness reports collected by Human Rights Watch.

  4. irwinmainway

    This GASSING cannot be tolerated, how can anyone view this and think any other way?
    Truly terrifying that this Hell on Earth was so very quickly off the air – at least the mainstream American TV networks. The same Sarin Nerve Agent used by Assad on these people was portrayed on the American TV series ‘Homeland’ – a favorite character gassed by terrorist Hezbollah. SE5 January 2016.


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