Ya Homs!


[This is Abdul Baset Sarout, the young and talented goalkeeper of the Al-Karama football club in Homs turned revolutionary. He has been wounded twice during battle, but continues to sing his way to freedom.]

“I’m telling you, Sunni blood comes very expensive with us in Homs!”

“Oh Bashar, Homs is ours!”

The energy that he brings and that the revolution in Homs carries is incredible, the spirit of the people of Homs remains as steadfast and legendary as ever despite of the enormous suffering that has been imposed upon them for nearly two years. After constantly being bombarded by rockets and fighter jets, pounded by tanks and artillery, besieged, starved, and cut from everything and everyone, they still continue to go on.

“Victory or martyrdom, then we will rest”

Baba `Amr fell, Bab Sba` fell, Khalidiye fell with the Mosque of Sayyidna Khalid burned and heavily damaged and his shrine and grave completely destroyed; but old Homs and adjacent neighborhoods remain free. Only by God’s grace and mercy, for courage and creativity can only get you so far.

Yet, even with all of his Iranian and Russian supplied firepower, his Shabbiha monsters, his army of slaves and hostages and all of his Lebanese and Iraqi mercenaries, Bashar failed to overcome these Homsi youth. To Bashar it is strategic and symbolic territory, but to them it is home.

“I live on the memory of the beloved”

Now that Assad massacred hundreds if not thousands at once in a chemical gassing in greater Damascus, without having to face any serious consequences so far, it’s greatly feared that this is planned for Homs as well. It was and continues to be the next step after failing to achieve victory through the “conventional” genocidal and mass-destructive bombardments and invasions.

“God honors all who honor the land”

“They can keep the rubble of HOMS; LATAKIA is falling in Jihadists Hands!” was the title of a thread started a few weeks ago on a Salafi-Jihadi forum, and until now, even after five pages, nobody saw it necessary to point out the offensive and insulting nature of that statement to the people of Homs who are struggling for their religion, lives and city. In reality, the honor in defending this rubble of Homs is worth more than all the pseudo-Jihadist incursions around the world put together. Even their own, though small in number, are fighting and dying in Homs. The difference is that they too are Homsi’s, unlike anyone on such forums.

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