Two Weeks of Unimaginable Horror in Aleppo

[Only December 28-22 Covered]

[Survivors of a barrel bomb dropped on a school in Mare, 23rd of December 2013]

The past two weeks have seen the worst phase so far of the tyrant’s genocidal campaign against Aleppo. In this short period, fighter jets and helicopters have massively bombarded the residential areas of dozens of Aleppo’s neighborhoods and its countryside’s towns and villages with missiles, barrel bombs, vacuum bombs in addition to ground missiles, mortars and artillery shelling, killing hundreds of civilians and injuring and displacing thousands more. Yesterday, on the 28th of December, more than 80 civilians were killed as 7 residential areas in and around Aleppo were hit by all sorts of bombs and missiles of mass destruction. The worst massacre occurred at the crowded vegetable market in the Tariq al-Bab neighborhood, where a barrel bomb dropped from a helicopter killed at least 30 innocent people. This was the aftermath:

[Tariq al-Bab:]

Among the martyrs was Ahmad al-Hajji, a prominent youth activist who defied the regime’s lies live on state t.v. in the heart of the city at the beginning of the revolution in 2011. Aside of explosives, barrel bombs contain nails and other sharp metal to inflict maximum casualties which are most “effective” in a crowded market such as the one in Tariq al-Bab.

In Myassar, the old city, al-Sukkari, Zibdiye, Bayanun and Shaykh Isa, residential buildings were the target which often collapse as a result of the explosion. People are neither safe in marketplaces, nor at home. They’re sliced to pieces by flying metal or buried alive under the bricks of their own homes.



[Shaykh Isa:]

With such a brutal onslaught, the reported number of confirmed dead and wounded can only be taken as a conservative estimate of what actually takes place. On the same day, Ansari Mashhad, Qaterji, Shaykh Maqsoud, Sakhour, Taraqin, Shaykh Najjar, al-Bab, Hraitan, Anadan and other neighborhoods, towns and villages were shelled by mortars and artillery. This occurs on a daily basis in dozens of locations throughout Aleppo and its countryside’s residential areas.

The 27th of December was a relatively calm day, without barrel bombs and missiles, not so the 26th for Dar al-Izza or Anadan in Aleppo’s countryside. On the 25th, Sakhour, Deir Hafer and Hraytan were hit by barrel bombs:


On the 24th, vacuum bombs dropped on al-Sukkari killed 30 civilians, and 20 more in other neighborhoods.


Some of this footage that was shot on the 24th portrays the destruction caused the day before, when the same neighborhood was attacked by missiles and barrel bombs. On the 23rd, more than 80 civilians lost their lives as a result of bombardments in Haydariyye, Ansari, Karam Homad, Sukkari, Salihin, Marja and many other places. In Mare the target was a functioning primary school, during school hours and crowded with children:



[Bab al-Nerab:]


The day before, the 22nd of December, was another day of unimaginable terror and devastation. More than 90 innocent people lost their lives that day in and around Aleppo, with hundreds more injured and displaced. Among the residential areas that were bombarded was also the market in the al-Ahmadiyye neighbourhood, where 30 civilians were killed:


[Kafr Hamra]

[Masakin Hanano]



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