Ulema Suriya: A New Blog In Arabic


حول الموقع

يحاول هذا الموقع جمع البيانات والفتاوى والمقالات والمقابلات الإعلامية على الثورة السورية
من العلماء السوريين الأحرار من أهل السنة والجماعة

تلك المقالات في هذا الموقع مؤرخة وفقا لموعدها الاصلي في المنشور الى بداية الثورة فيآذار 2011

The purpose of this new blog is to collect all available material from traditional, free Sunni scholars from Syria about the revolution. So far, it contains a total of 300 posts filed under 60 different categories, 6 of which are groups of scholars and 54 individual scholars. This is probably not even a third of all that is out there. All posts appear in a chronological order up till the beginning of the revolution in March 2011 and are posted in accordance with their original publishing date. From here on, anything new posted on the blog that isn’t recent enough to appear on the first page will be mentioned as an update in a separate post that will show on top.

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